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SEVEN Hot Tips to Avoid Wedding Photography Scams Scamming in wedding services is nothing new.  However, over the last five years, I have seen a big increase and in particular two massive ones.  On both occasions, couples were booking their weddings services basically through what I would call a 'middle man or woman'.  This week I have become so annoyed and frustrated I had to write some simple steps to employ to avoid finding yourself in this situation.  

Here are my SEVEN hot tips to help you avoid some of those pitfalls when booking a wedding a photographer .

Wedding Ceremony Joshua Bradley Blue Bell SuitWedding Ceremony Joshua Bradley Blue Bell Suit

  1. Never EVER book your wedding through a middle man.  Firstly they take a cut, secondly, your photographer's contract will be with them, so you are not the photographers client, the middle man is.  Imagine this middleman hasn't paid their photographer?  Would you work for free or would you want your contracted fee before releasing the images?  As your contract was with someone else and the photographer did not have a contract with you, you have to chase the middle man.  
  2. Meet your photographer preferably at their home or workplace.  I laughingly joke with my couples that at least then they know where I live so there is no hiding.  Fortunately, I have never been chased down on the doorstep by an unsatisfied client!!
  3. View their albums, talk about your day and the feel yo want.  Make sure this is the person you feel comfortable to spend most of your wedding day with. Engagement Photo At Dovestones ReservoirOlivia & Josh Romance at DovestonesThe cold weather at Dovestones did nothing to dampen the spirit.
  4. Book an engagement shoot.  There are some photographers who have not actually done a real wedding and their portfolio is built up on training days.  This means they may not have the skills needed to deal with a real life wedding.  Horrifically, some have even stolen images from other photographers websites!!!!  Having an engagement shoot kills two birds with one stone.  You get to see how you get on with your photographer and you get to check out the finished photographs BEFORE committing to a huge investment.
  5. Ask if they have public liability and professional indemnity insurance and ask for a copy.  Many reputable wedding venues do ask to see this insurance from us before allowing a photographer to work on their premises.
  6. If they are plugging in any equipment at a venue they need a PAT test for each piece of equipment such as lighting.  Again ask for a copy
  7. Please, please take out your own wedding insurance I have always recommended John lewis, but there are many different options.

OK I LIED - there is one more.  If it looks too good to be true it IS!! For full day wedding photography you are looking for something over a minimum of £850 and that is from someone who is either starting out, has a second income or is giving you less hours for your money and not a flu wedding service.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who is experienced, understands the flow of a wedding day and will capture those wonderful moments in beautiful images contact me to arrange a consultation at my home, just so you know where I live. ;) x




Wedding Photography & Video UK also known as Leeds Stills Photography.


Wedding Taking a walk in the FieldsWedding Taking a walk in the FieldsFields of corn - outdoor wedding


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Short-Sharp and Stylish is the New Black for 2017/18 Weddings Photographing the wedding ceremonyThe KissWedding Ceremony - Sealed with a kiss Many times I hear that wedding photography is so expensive.  There are many reasons for this and if you google it you will get a fair idea that it really isn't that expensive in terms of what you get.  Unlike some aspects of your wedding, you get a lot of bang for your bucks in terms of the longevity of your images.  Lets' face it that cake is not really going to last.

However, many couples are now going back to the past in terms of the coverage they want. o here's the deal.  I now offer ceremony only weddings for local weddings.  Minimum two hours coverage at just £300.  Now some of you may think you can get a full day for that.  You can, would I advise picking that photographer?  Hell NO!!!

With this option you receive:

  •  one local venue covered
  • two hours photography from arriving at the venue, to some groups, and some wow couple shots.
  • an online downloadable gallery of all your images
  • and best of all a fun, relaxed photographer who you will have met and can trust.

Please have a look at some of my wedding photography and also make sure you get in touch to book a complementary consultation.

If you are nevrous about having your photo taken why not book in for an engagement shoot.  This can be studio based or on locations

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February BIG CANVAS WALL ART SALE (SIZE DOES MATTER) When it comes to wall art think BIG! Make sure you look at your room and decide where your piece of art is going to go. There is nothing worse than investing in a piece, only to find even that 16 x 20 inch print really wasn't big enough for your largest feature wall in the living room.  Below is a handy little guide to help you visualise the best size of print for you.

Photo Display Size Comparison For Your WallsPhoto Display Size Comparison For Your Walls

OK now lets have a look at some collage canvas wall art inspiration.  If you choose one of these groupings you will receive a further 10% off your collection. So that is a MASSIVE 45% Discount on Canvas Wall Art Collections 16x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x1616x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x16Sale 35% discount on single canvases, but why not choose a collage of two or more canvas prints and save a further 10% on your collection - TOTAL Price with BOTH Discounts £243. 69

16x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x1616x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x16Sale 35% discount on single canvases, but why not choose a collage of two or more canvas prints and save a further 10% on your collection 16x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x1616x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x16Sale 35% discount on single canvases, but why not choose a collage of two or more canvas prints and save a further 10% on your collection - TOTAL Price with BOTH Discounts £243. 69 16x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x1616x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x16Sale 35% discount on single canvases, but why not choose a collage of two or more canvas prints and save a further 10% on your collection 16x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x1616x50 Collage - One 16x24 - Two 12x16Sale 35% discount on single canvases, but why not choose a collage of two or more canvas prints and save a further 10% on your collection

For Further information on our Single image sale please check out this blog post

I hope you found this useful and if you would like further examples of my portrait sessions please have a look here or contact me hereHopefully, I will be seeing you soon to help you create some gorgeous art for your home.

I will leave you with some cute baby photos.  Enjoy x

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BIG Valentines Day CANVAS SALE (whole of February ) Save pounds, possibly hundreds of pounds when you buy some of my bigger canvas prints or wall art canvas combinations!! This offer ends at 14:00 on 1st March 2017.

SALE on All Canvas PrintsThe BIG SALE - Canvas Framed PrintSALE ON CANVAS PRINTS - SAVE 35% on all these canvas photo prints!!

12x12 was £93.00 now £60.45

12x16 was £112.00 now £72.80

20x16 was £117.00 now £76.05

20x20 was £145.00 now £94.25

24x20 was£139.00 now £90.35

24x24 was £176.00 now £114.40

30x20 was £182.00 now £118.30

30x30 was £196.00 now £127.40

40x20 was £203.00 now £131.95

40x30 was £212.00 now £137.80


Simply log into your on-line gallery and select the image/images you like by giving them a heart (top corner of the images) and then click on your favourites (top right of the page) You can then share with me your photographer - Please let me know what size you want.


All these inkjet canvas prints are over 35% discounted:


12" x 12" Inkjet Canvas Wrap £93.00, now £60.45 

16" x 12" Inkjet Canvas Wrap, was £112.00, now £72.80 

20" x 16" Inkjet Canvas Wrap was £117.00, now £76.05

20" x 20" Inkjet Canvas Wrap was £145.00, now £94.25 

24" x 16" Inkjet Canvas Wrap was £139.00, now £90.35

24" x 20" Inkjet Canvas Wrap was £139.00, now £90.35

24" x 24" Inkjet Canvas Wrap £176.00, now £114.40 

30" x 20" Inkjet Canvas Wrap was £182.00, now £118.30

30" x 30" Inkjet Canvas Wrap £196.00, now  £127.40 

40" x 20" Inkjet Canvas Wrap £203.00, now £131.95 

40" x 30" Inkjet Canvas Wrap £212.00, now£137.80 

handy little room comparison guide for wall art.Canvas Size comparisonHow big should you print your photos? This depends on your available space and where you want that cherished image. here is a handy little room comparison guide for wall art. handy little room comparison guide for wall art.Canvas Size comparisonHow big should you print your photos? This depends on your available space and where you want that cherished image. here is a handy little room comparison guide for wall art.

And the savings don't stop there!! Pick two or more canvas prints and save a further 10% off the sale price, so...


two 12" x 12" Canvas Wall Art with both discounts is £108.81 rather than £120.90


 Click on the image below more information and help with your canvas wall art displays 36x36 Collage - Two 16x24 - Two 12x16 Bridal36x36 Collage - Two 16x24 - Two 12x16 BridalThe total measurements for this wall art collection is a 36x36 Collage and includes two 16x24 and two 12x16 Bridal Images.

Get in touch today to order your piece of wall art 01457 511 509 or

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The Portrait Awards 2017 - Riska and Family The Portrait Awards - The Family Portrait Awards - Supporting CRYThe Portrait Awards - Rishka and ArcherManchester representative supporting Cardiac Risk in the young CRY Last week Rishka and Gaz brouught the gorgeous Archer to my stdio in Mossley for their family portrait.  We are supporting the charitiy CRT - Cardiac Risk in the young.  Rishka is the Manchester supporter of CRY.  Having experienced the loss of her 30 year old husband 7 years ago, she now works with CRY to promote the charity and help others.  If you have never heard of CRY please read Rishka's heartbreaking story here.   I am very proud to be supporting this charity with my photography.  You can too by booking in for a free family portrait shoot with me for a £10 donation to the charity.  You can purchase any your images from your online gallery.  We have a vast array of products from wall art to photo books.

I am so pleased Rishka has found love again and now has a beautiful little family I had the privilege of capturing - thank you so much for coming to the studio in Mossley Rishka.  Personally I think we captured some beautiful images I am sure they will treasure.

Check out the slide show below.

The Family Portrait Awards Donate £10 to CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young and receive a free photoshoot and the chance to win £1000

For more information about the awards check out this page and to enter fill in your details on the contact form.  Looking forward to seeing you at the studio and capturing some beautiful images of you and your family.

The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months) The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)The Portrait Awards - Riska, Gaz and Archer (6 Months)

Apply today on my contact form.  Looking forward to seeing you at the studio and capturing some beautiful images of you and your family.

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Body Confidence Matters: The Ugly Truth About Magazines Ways to improve body confidence - Media manipulationBody Confidence


Why are women so down on themselves? Why when following a recent popular facebook group did I read about a flat-chested bride who was considering surgery before her wedding?  As a double A, her partner suggested she might feel better if she had it?!?!?


OK, my mind boggled a bit at that, but then what followed shocked the living daylights out of me!!  I expected my fellow sister to be like:



"hey girl, no way, be who you are, don't alter yourself to fit a perceived norm."


"if you are really that worried, get a pair of chicken fillets or choose a dress shape that makes the most of the assets you have."  

but NO, I read comment after comment telling this lass things like,

'if it makes you feel good, do it!"  

OMG OMG OMG! What is happening to the young beautiful women of today!!!!  What has gone so wrong?  

Then today I saw this, and I though, no shit sherlock.  Don't be influenced by the advertisers, don't go under the knife to fit the norm, don't diet unless it is to make you feel healthy and happy.  Please, lovely ladies you are beautiful fat or thin, broken or bent, scared or whole, inside or out.  Believe me, I am scared as heck, but I have pretty good body confidence - sod the rest of the world I am who I am.  Your man should love you as you are too.   Oh if you don't believe me about the scars check out my all revealing blog post here.

Now if you do nothing else today check out what these magazines are doing to us.  Wedding magazines are no better and don't get me started on online wedding magazines!!!

But there is help out there.  My tips to improve your body confidence. Listed in order of least scary to MOST scary - only my opinion.

Have a make over shoot at my studio and let your inner beauty shine through 

Have a boudoir shoot - I did mine to prove I was, as I said essentially body confident

Come to my studio and BE body painted by one of my talented buddies such as Liz Barns , Omanri from Messy Make-Up or Sammi Banks

Join a wonderful local community of body painters, models, and photographers and become a work of art

or finally and what I consider probably most scary become a life model as one of my friends Sarah Lowndes, who said,  "Life modelling has improved my body confidence no end!"

So if you are interested in any of these body improving ideas please do get in touch.  I can personally recommend a makeover or a boudoir shoot and at some point,t in the future I will be joining these amazing body painters and becoming a model.  Believe me, I am no beauty, but it is all about the art and not about me!!



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Book Your Wedding 2017/2018, Greater Manchester That's right folks. Time to BOOK YOUR 2017/2018


Best Wedding Photographers Manchester - town or country weddingSpecial Wedding Photography Offer Free Engagement ShootAre you getting married in 2017/2018? Yes well it is time to book your wedding photographer. Our full day starts from just £1150.

​We shoot weddings all over the UK, based in the NORTH WEST.  Locally - Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool and Lancashire.  We also offer destination weddings.

I cannot guarantee the weather but I can guarantee that I will capture the gorgeous story of your day whatever happens.  I don't do stress, so expect professionalism with a smile and genuine desire to create the most beautiful wedding coverage and album of your day.





​Check out my wedding galleries HERE first.

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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot Newborn photography is such a challenge and yet so beautiful.  I have worked with premature babies, who tend to need to stay close to mum and newborns up to two weeks of age.  After around two weeks, they enter the realms of baby portraits as they don't have that newborn 'bendability'.

So how do you prepare for your newborn shoot?  Check out this handy little infographic on the process involved.

infographic on your newborn portrait photo shootinfographic preparing for your newborn photo sessionA great little infographic on how to prepare for your Newborn Photo Session with Jenny Martin Photograpy






Book your newborn photoshoot today - CLICK TO BOOK


or choose a Bump to Baby session!!


Have a look below for my special combination offer and Save ££ 

  • Bump shoot usually costs £80 now £55
  • Baby shoot usually costs £195 now £145

Cost of a Bump to Baby studio deal special just £200. Saving you £75!


See below for details and book today.

Bump to Baby Special Offer Photo Shoot - special offerBump to Baby £200So you have had your bump shoot with me and now your are ready for us to capture your new baby boy or girl. Combined cost £200 or separately £55 for bmp shoot and £145 for your newborn session. You can view pregnancy and newborn galleries here. Limited availability due to my Christmas offers and bookings.  Don't delay book today!


Maternity and newborn photographer in Tameside, Mosley, SaddleworthBump to Baby Pick a maternity shoot for £55 and or a newborn photoshoot as £145 or have both for £195




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Photo Booth/Pop Up Studio at your Wedding - Laura & Danny Well it is #ThrowbackThursday so here are Danny and Laura testing out my then new pop-up studio at their wedding.  I think I can safely say they enjoyed it. 

Photo Booth - Laura & DannyPhoto Booth - Laura & DannyA wedding photo booth or pop up studio doesn't have to be all about cheesy silly photos we can capture some stunning professional studio shots on your wedding day with the correct lighting and ambience .

A wedding photo booth or pop up studio doesn't have to be all about cheesy silly photos we can capture some stunning professional studio shots on your wedding day with the correct lighting and ambience.

Here I have the gorgeous Danny and Laura quite literally showing off as the new MR & Mrs.    Their guests loved the studio and I sort of became a bit of an unofficial baby sitter.  Good job I rather like children. 

For more information on my pop-up wedding studio check out the pricing on this page in the extra options.





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Every Picture Tells A Story! - The New Natual Formal Wedding Photo You have heard it said many times I am sure, (usually by a photographer friend) and it is true, every picture does tell a story.  Some pictures tell a better story and it is up to you to make that story happen.  Group shots are great when you interact!! I am not looking for those everyone stand in a line and look at me shots.  I am looking for the natural you.

Natural Group Photos at WeddingsNatural Group Photos at WeddingsFormal group photos do not necessarily need to be all that formal, by asking my clients to interact with each other in a group setting we are able to capture a more natural side to you and your wedding party on your wedding day.

This image was taken at an outdoor wedding near Macclesfield
Lets face it, these group shots make far better moments and tell more of your story than standing in a row and smiling at me and my camera.  I would class this as a new type of formal photography.  The Natural formal. I only know a handful of photographers who regularly achieve results like these, and that is down to their personalities, organisation and people skills.  This image is actually captured before the wedding and Georgina and Ben started their day together with their families.

Great Natural Groups Shots for your WeddingGreat Natural Groups Shots for your WeddingI love this one only the children are looking at the camera. All the adults are living in that particular moment If this is the type of 'Natural Formal' you would like at your wedding, then please get in touch to book your 2017 - 2018 weddings.  I have now also just opened up my appointment book for your 2019 wedding booking.  Book early to avoid disappointment.


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Game of Thrones Styled Bridal Shoot at Diggle House Farm Game of Thrones Wedding InsipirationGame of Thrones Comes to Diggle House FarmA team effort in the Saddleworth Countryside to combine my love of all things fantasy fiction and weddings. I love the contrast between beautiful gown and warrior woman. After all we are all warriors!! This shoot was very much about the girl power. Even if we did let Nigel play too We all love Game of Thrones, or at least most of us do.  Whether like me, you discovered the books first, or just love the series. Visually it is superb.  I love most fantasy fiction from what I call light fiction by Tolkien, to the dark world of Brent Weeks.  

So, what better idea than a  GOT inspired wedding themed styled shoot.  To me, they go together perfectly and tick all my boxes.  I bought the dress, bought the  armour of etsy, decorated and designed a headdress type thing and begged everywhere for a sword or bow and arrow. Jeni came through with the sword.  Superb and really was needed. Found a lovely client Freya with a gorgeous white horse called Muppet and found the venue in the superb Diggle House Farm.  

My amazing team included the wonderful Shahanara and her lovely assistant Shahinat, who both amazed me with their professionalism and team-work.  I cannot recommend them enough.  My amazing fellow photographer friend Jeni Harney is studying photography at university and is my technical guru  (who said girls cant be geeks and remember us geeks are cool).  The wonderful Shaw family who gave us access to their stunning 4* self-catering cottage at Diggle House Farm.  We prepared in their smaller cottage for two called Jenny's cottage.

Shahanara stepped in at the very last hour so rather than start preparing at 3pm to 4 pm for the sunset at 7.29 pm we started just after 5 and the girls worked so fast and so hard.  

Anyway, that is the background now for the exciting stuff - we had an absolute ball!! Freya and Muppet were brill, although there were some heart stopping moments for me, as this is just a normal horse, not trained for this sort of pressure.  He did so well, as did Freya.  So without further ado,let me introduce Game of Thrones Comes to Diggle House Farm.


If you would like your own styled shoot with this amazing team please do get in touch here


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Tip n Tricks - Weddings - Your Dress Well, it is Tuesday, so that means it is the start of my "Tips and Tricks Series".  I am going to try to give you a few quick tips on a Tuesday each week.  These will be for either your wedding, your portrait or your own photography and editing.  So watch this space for regular pearls of wisdom.

Today we look at the dress.  

As I am not going to be with you when you chose your dress,I am going to focus on some dress tips for the day.  I have looked on the internet and there really isn't much advice for you lovely ladies out there.  So here is a little help for on the day itself.


Getting Ready - Your Wedding DressGetting Ready - Your Wedding DressDon't forget to display your dress for your getting ready photographs. Putting a dress on the back of the door is not the only way to do this.

  • Find some space to hang your dress out of the way, but in a light room, that isn't cluttered with nicknacks, discarded clothing or lots of furniture.


  • Ask someone to take your dress out of the bag and hang it up - I promise it won't suddenly explode and as long as it isn't near where you are having your makeup done or in a busy area, it should be perfectly safe.


  • Make sure your shoes, jewelry, and other important wedding items, are all in the same place.  Now when your photographer arrives they have everything together to capture some lovely detail shots without bothering you.


  • Ask your bridesmaids to get into their dresses before you and not with only 10 mins to spare before they are due to leave.  Once dressed your photographer will be able to spend time capturing  natural and posed images of them in their dresses.  These look a bit nicer than you all in your PJ's!!


  • Put your dress on earlier rather than at the last minute and make sure someone knows how to fasten it up properly.  It is probably a good idea for them to have had a practice beforehand, other than just watching  at the fitting. 


  • Also, make sure they know how to bustle your train for later on.  You will thank me for this I promise.


  • If you are worried about spilling something down your dress at the meal, why not buy yourself a wedding pinafore - they look great and could save you an embarrassing dribble moment.


  • My final word of wisdom is, really do not be too worried about it getting it a bit dirty!! Obviously, no red wine down the front, but dirt or even mud on the hem will not ruin your day.  Again, I promise no one will even notice.


How to lace your Wedding DressHow to lace your Wedding DressTry and make sure one of your bridesmaids has practised getting you into your dress and lacing you up


That is it for this weeks wedding hacks, so relax, enjoy and embrace the day.  


For more information about my wedding services and coverage have a look at my price guide here.

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A Wedding Without My Dad - Who will Walk With Me Liverpool Liver BuildingLiverpool Liver BuildingThe view from my hotel in Liverpool, where I stayed the night before my Dad's Funeral The Z Hotel

Last week I buried my dad on 9th September 2016.  He died three weeks earlier on 17th August 2016.  I was told he was desperately ill the day before and the next day he was dead.  His funeral was three weeks later on 9th September 2016. So after three weeks of coping, of just existing or feeling numb, I was desperate to say goodbye.  

It was a beautiful service in Thornton on The Wirral and then close friends and family went to the Landican for his final farewell.  

I had a wedding the day after and went straight into that. Fortunately my usual bright, bubbly self, simply took over.  I got home around 6 pm and slept for around 72 hours. Emotionally and physically exhausted.

The next day I had the opportunity to reflect and these thoughts struck me:  

  • He will never walk me down the aisle, 

  • I will have to do that alone,  

  • I have no male family now who I could ask,  

  • My Dad is really gone

  • The world shines less brightly!!

How sad is that, right?  No wrong.  I am not going to lie to you, it will be hard, it will be emotional, but my dad left me with many gifts.  One was being strong as hell when it really matters.  Oh, I can weep, wail and moan with the best of them, but deep down, in my gut, I have a will of steel and a strength that often surprises me. In fact, I am a pretty bass ass lass when push comes to shove.  

On that Day, dad left me another gift too, one that although broke me leaves me with something so precious.  As the service finished, a voice came on singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow", this voice was filled with absolute passion and conviction.  That voice was my dad playing with his beloved band.  

Who Will Walk Me Down the Aisle, Now My Dad Is deadWho Will Walk Me Down the Aisle, Now My Dad Is deadHere is my Dad in his younger days with his much loved band members. He adored these guys and adored playing with them when they reformed to become 'Midlife Crisis' . Perhaps one of these guys would do me the honour of walking down the aisle with me when the time comes.  

I remember being in the studio when they recorded it, and his absolute terror and joy in the whole experiences.  So, my Dad gave me a final gift as I said farewell. His gift means I now know, I shall NEVER walk alone!!

Please Play as you read the rest of this blog - this song is part of me, my family and our history.  Perhaps it will give you the strength it gives me x.



I will walk down with him, with his voice, with his love and apparently with many of his mannerisms (I am not sure that is a good thing) - Your Dad will be there on your day no matter what.  He is within you and you are part of him ...always..

Thank you, John Martin - singer, entertainer and consummate show-off, and thank you for all the gifts you gave me.  I may even steal the arm of one of your band members when that time does come.

For those of you that are part of the 'Dead Dad's Club,' there are many options and solutions.  Here are a few for the bride who doesn't know who will walk her down the aisle.

  • Walk alone: it's kind of a bad ass statement of your superwoman self, pick a tune that means your dad is there with you.

  • Ask your fiance's father walk you: after all, he will be your new father-in-law anyway.

  • Have your brother or male cousin walk you: loving comforting masculine energy will bring comfort as you are walking down the aisle.

  • Have your bad ass single mother to walk you: she nailed it as your mother and father anyway, why not have her show off her skills one last time?

There are many more options that can work. I have seen the groom's son walk the bride. I have seen a best friend walk the bride. These days tradition is out and real connections are in. 

Be strong ladies, be brave, embraces those feeling, those memories, those emotions and do him proud.  Your man is so fortunate to have a daughter raised by a man like your dad. xx

Remember - You will never Walk Alone.

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A Tale of Two DJ's I shot a lovely wedding yesterday at The Deanwater Hotel as emergency cover for another photographer.  This is just a little blog to thank the lovely DJ.  His name is DJ Dave Taylor

DJ Dave Taylor Wedding DJDJ Dave Taylor Highly recommended lovely DJ and nice bloke

Many DJ's use green laser lights and while these are fine for the general atmosphere they create havoc when a photographer is trying to capture beautiful timeless first dance photos.  Dave was more than happy to turn these off for the first dance and cake cutting.  Well done that man and thank you.  As the groom had told me to help myself to the buffet I also got dave a plate.  Remember DJ's look after your photographer and we will certainly look after you xx

On another note, a fellow professional photographer had the DJ from hell last night.  This DJ proceeded to set up his own lighting for the first dance to capture his own photographs.  The problem with this is his lighting will interfere with the professional photographers lighting and images.  

I have never heard of anything so bad or unprofessional.  Even after the groom had had words with this guy the DJ still proceeded with HIS lighting.  A little word of caution to brides and grooms, make sure your DJ is doing their job, not someone else's.   You have paid your photographer a lot of money to capture those all important and precious first dance images.  

Finally a word to all the wonderful DJ's we work with weekly.  Thank you for being you and doing an amazing job!!

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Half Price Wedding Photography Sale 2016 Well almost half price so take advantage of this great offer!! It has happened, I knew it would eventually. I have finally lost it!!  If you are getting married in 2016 within a 15-20 mile radius of Mossley, Greater Manchester and haven't booked your photographer, then this might just be your lucky day.   

I am offering a MASSIVE 50% off my full day wedding!!!  Yes you hear that right a never before, possibly never again HALF PRICE SALE for the remainder of 2016.  I was more expensive for a full day wedding when I started shooting over 10 years ago, so this has to be the bargain of the year.

So what do you get?

  • Full day coverage of your wedding day, up to 8 hours,
  • Me, a wedding photographer with more than 10 years experience (and a lot of fun)
  • And finally an online gallery of all your images to download and use to your heart content!!!

Without further a do get contacting me to check if your date if free and you can take advantage of this wonderful bargain


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New Italian Album

The new 'GO BOOK' from our Italian partners is set to revolutionise the album market yet again.  This company are a the forefront of every innovation in the wedding album industry.  Where they lead others follow.  

I have used this company for more years than I care remember and they never fail to deliver.  They look after me as a photographer and you as the end user of their product.   Over the last few years the innovations have been coming thick and fast.

The Go Book is a cross between an album and a frame.  Sometimes I hear couples say, "Oh I won't bother with an album, no one looks at them anyway."

We are are told that the customer is always right.  However on this occasion I beg to differ.  You may be in your 20's, 30's or 40's and think you can always look at your photos on Facebook or on your CD.  CD's replaced poppy discs and are now being replaced by USB drives.  Paper I doubt will ever be replaced.

We still have my grans wedding album which my sister shows to her nieces.  Sadly my mum and dad never to one or had a professional photographer.  I have a few 'snaps' and it's really sad as my mum is no longer here.  Think to the future.  A wedding album may not be for you, but believe me when I say your children and children's children will cherish your wedding photos.

These albums are also fantastic to treasure your portrait sessions

To get in touch and book your wedding today click here.

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2016 Wedding Price Freeze Are you getting married in 2016?  Have you yet to book a professional photographer?  
If you can answer yes to either of these questions I have a special offer which might interest you.  I have frozen my prices from now until June!  That's right, if your wedding is in 2016 you can book me for half day coverage £750 £545 or full day for just £1250 £995!!

If you would like to take advantage of this great deal please get in touch here or call on 01457 831 033

However we love to print your images and a wedding album is a way to really tell your story.  In 10 years time that CD or Pen Drive may be obsolete, but a book, a luxury wedding book is timeless.
I personally design your book and then send you the proofs, we then work together to create the album you really want with the exact images you will love.
Check out some of my designs below.  Each one is bespoke I don't just use off the shelf templates.  These are designed to suit your day.
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Mr & Mrs LED Rustic Letters Hurry While Stocks Last Wedding LettersLight Up LED Letters

£20 per letter. Or order your initials. Hurry while stocks last.

Posted by Jenny Martin Photography on Thursday, 21 January 2016

Great cost effective way to dress your wedding venue - perhaps on the top table or to enhance your gift table.  What about popping a different letter on each of your guests tables for your table plan and layer flat decorated with flowers.  the possibilities are endless. 

Rustic wooden letter & with LED lights

more letters available but hurry while stocks last

Takes 2 x AA Batteries

Size 50 x 52 x 6cm

Please note this letter has a rustic 'Urban Loft' appearance. It has an antique finish and each letter is individually distressed.

Contact me via the contact page or call 01457 511 509

Code is MR&MRS JMP to claim your letters.

Wedding LettersLight Up LED Letters My light up M in my study - Oh and the pussy cat too checking it all out :)

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Every Wedding Tells a Good Story - Harry Potter  


Posted by Harry Potter Fans on Sunday, 25 January 2015


So if you are getting married in 2016/2017 get in touch and let me tell your unique wedding story through beautiful images.

Check out my price guide here  I also offer bespoke half day packages weddings abroad and engagement shoots.  Get in touch to build your own package to suit your wedding day

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