On The Day Wedding Tips Three - Walking down the Aisle

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Wedding Tip Three - Walking down the Aisle

Mere_Court_Wedding_Ashton_ChurchMere_Court_Wedding_Ashton_ChurchWalking down the isle with your Father or the person who is giving you away is such a special moment. I endeavour to capture this moment. Walk slow, enjoy and try to smile Der de der der, der de de deeeer - Ok are you singing yet?  No this isn't advice about the music that is up to you whether you go traditional or rock down that run its totally up to you, I am hear to help with those photos!!

Walking down the aisle is a key moment to your wedding and people do this different ways.  Sometimes the bridesmaids will go first sometimes they follow the bride. If your bridesmaids are going first, remember to wait until they are seated before you make your entrance.  That way your photographer will be able to capture you and your grooms expression when he sees you. Don't rush walk slowly (unless you are dancing then dance lower) all eyes will be on you so enjoy it. (even if you are a bit nervous)

Once you are married and have signed the register you will again be walking down the isle with your new husband.  Yet again don't rush take time to thank people on your way out this will create interesting and natural looking shots.  It is very difficult not to walk fast at this point, but honestly take your time.  Your photographer will be trying to capture that perfect shot. 

I am good at getting out of the way but sometimes I do feel I am in danger of getting run over - not happened yet, but there is always a first time!!

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