Photo Display Size Comparison For Your Walls

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When it comes to wall art think BIG! Make sure you look at your room and decide where your piece of art is going to go. There is nothing worse than investing in a piece, only to find even that 20x30 inch print really wasn't big enough for your largest feature wall in the living room. Believe me when I say I have done it myself chosen the wrong size for the wrong wall.

Photo Display Size Comparison For Your WallsPhoto Display Size Comparison For Your Walls

 The other thing I have done is thing too BIG - I bought a beautiful mirror years ago that was the wrong dimensions, wrong size for anywhere in my house.  Hopefully these handy guides will help you to not make those mistakes. 

Photo Print Display Size Comparison for your homePhoto Print Display Size Comparison for your home So I bet you are asking yourself how much will a print cost me...right?  You could buy your digital print from me with right to print and take your image at boots or other outlet to have printed, but unfortunately, I really cannot guarantee the quality of work or that the colours will match those that I have edited on my calibrated monitor to match my professional printers specifications.   I do still offer digital images,however just be aware you may not get the results you were aiming for.

So the prices for a beautifully printed colour matched wall print for you to frame yourself are as follows. 

Print Prices Jan 2015

30 x 40


20 x 30


20 x 24


16 x 20


12 x 18


12 x 12


11 x 14


10 x 8


I hope you found this useful and if you would like further details of my portrait sessions please have a look here or contact me here.  Hopefully, I will be seeing you soon to help you create some gorgeous art for your home.


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