Soap & Glory - Outdoor Vintage Bath Time

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Product photography with Alice and Rose and Groovy Gang SoapProduct Photography Working with creative suppliers on styled shoots is great fun and the collaborations can lead to some fabulous results.  I was fortunate enough to work with The Groovy Gang Handmade Soap & Bath Treats and Rose & Lee Vintage Living with our fabulous model Phoenix this month on a styled shoot in my very private enclosed courtyard.

I spent the week before jet washing the yard and trying to get it into a little better shape. Believe me I spent quite a few days looking like a mud monster but hey jet washing is so satisfying.

It was then time to get the cast iron bath I have been saving for a shoot down from the studio.  Rob (him in doors) was not convinced a feeble woman such as myself could help him lift it.  Little does he know I am stronger than I look.  So I insisted.  Needless to say the bath made it downstairs and into the yard although don't tell Rob it destroyed me

I then checked I could fill it with hot water using one of those old fashioned tap attachment shower connectors and thought yeah this will work!! Pheonix wont get cold and we wont have to go down the rout of filling it with buckets of water.  I also headed off and bought a bubble machine (I have wanted one for ages so GREAT excuse)

The girls arrived on the day of the shoot and started beautifying the courtyard with vintage loveliness soaps and decanters galore.  They did a wonderful job and just looked lush when they had finished.  They made my job easy and we had a great time shooting.

In some ways  I really wish we could do the shoot again, as there are many things I would do differently. Having said that I am still quite pleased with the concept and results.  Have a look below and see what you think. 

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