Happy Mother of the Bride or Groom Day

March 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

OK, ok I know it's Mothers Day today, but I lost my mum a few years ago and it still hurts.  The whole two weeks before Mothers Day Facebook is full of adverts and reminders.  This year I chose to just stop using Facebook to save on the constant mothers day messages.   I remember her with such affection, she was fun, quirky and a completely loveable loon (wonder where I got my strengths from?).  

So rather than celebrate Mother's Day today, I am celebrating all those wonderful mums I have met over the years.  You guys have been amazing and your children are supremely lucky to have you!!  These mums just go the extra mile, they shine on the day, they worry, they laugh, they cry and they are towers of strength to their children.

From those images we captured together, it won't be the formal group shots you will love of them in years to come, it will be the natural ones captured of you two together.  So remember ladies and gents, on your wedding day make sure you take some time and spend it with your mum.  You only have one and they are so precious, each one unique and a royal pain in the ....... at times, but love them and cherish them on your wedding day.  

Thank you to all my Mother's of the Bride and Mother's of the Groom, you are all amazing!!! I started to find all the images of you wonderful people, but got a little chocked up so thought I would share my mum with you. 

Happy Mother of the Bride DayHappy Mother of the Bride Day

And to end, my mum was a lucky lass, don't believe me...then believe the Minions!!! And always choose a legend to shoot your wedding day!!



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