Though she be butt little - she be fierce

March 17, 2015  •  4 Comments

Photographer and Burns scar survivorBody image is a state of mindWith hues thanks to Nicole Very unusual post for me here - it is normally weddings and portraits by me. I never recommend other photographers, but I had an idea and I needed someone I trusted to help me.  I wanted to do something about body image, I wanted to help people, I wanted to help myself!

I was in a house fire about ten years ago, I put the fire out, put myself out called the ambulance, got in the shower and then passed out.
Here is the ouch bit, I had fist degree burns over the whole of my back, my arm was burnt from my fire fighting attempts and I spend 5 weeks in intensive care fire ward at Whiston Hospital in Liverpool (thank you guys).  The skin grafts hurt, I hurt, and through out it all I laughed and felt blessed to be alive with my face still intact. I have always said my scars don't bother or define me. I have always joked I am still hot, but in the back of my mind, I have always wondered how much of that is bravado?
I have learnt a little is bravado. I have struggled to share these pictures. It's taken me a while to write this blog and I hope you are not offended, but as a photographer I see so many people worry about their body image for no reason. Believe me I get it. I trusted Nicola from my boudoir and Sara my amazing make up and hair lady.  They cared and looked after me.  I hope you take this post as it was intended. An affirmation that we are all amazing.
I am very proud of this and very proud of the team who made this happen.  I have just been very scared to share but as I often say I am woman hear me ROAR!!
Please go and say hello to My Boudoir and give them my love xx




Lisa Hindle(non-registered)
Absolutely gorgeous. You are incredibly beautiful and the tattoos of your life serve to enhance your fabulousness. Bravo and congratulations on being alive and well! xx
Jeremy Price(non-registered)
Courage and determination over adversity to show that visible scar's can be a lot to go through, but it is always the ones inside that take so much more to heal. Well done Jenny.
Andrew Miller(non-registered)
An amzing sereis of photographs showing human spirit at it's best. Well done you for having the guts to do this!
Jim Hunter(non-registered)
Jenny - I think this an amazing show of strength and I have huge admiration for you for being brave enough to put it up here.

I've always enjoyed our occasional comments back and forth on FB but it just goes to show that you never know what people have gone through and had to cope with in their lives.

I love the image and I'm sure there are many more that are not for public viewing :)

Makes me proud to be able to say that I "know" such a brave lady.
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