New Italian Album

May 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The new 'GO BOOK' from our Italian partners is set to revolutionise the album market yet again.  This company are a the forefront of every innovation in the wedding album industry.  Where they lead others follow.  

I have used this company for more years than I care remember and they never fail to deliver.  They look after me as a photographer and you as the end user of their product.   Over the last few years the innovations have been coming thick and fast.

The Go Book is a cross between an album and a frame.  Sometimes I hear couples say, "Oh I won't bother with an album, no one looks at them anyway."

We are are told that the customer is always right.  However on this occasion I beg to differ.  You may be in your 20's, 30's or 40's and think you can always look at your photos on Facebook or on your CD.  CD's replaced poppy discs and are now being replaced by USB drives.  Paper I doubt will ever be replaced.

We still have my grans wedding album which my sister shows to her nieces.  Sadly my mum and dad never to one or had a professional photographer.  I have a few 'snaps' and it's really sad as my mum is no longer here.  Think to the future.  A wedding album may not be for you, but believe me when I say your children and children's children will cherish your wedding photos.

These albums are also fantastic to treasure your portrait sessions

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