A Tale of Two DJ's

July 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I shot a lovely wedding yesterday at The Deanwater Hotel as emergency cover for another photographer.  This is just a little blog to thank the lovely DJ.  His name is DJ Dave Taylor

DJ Dave Taylor Wedding DJDJ Dave Taylor Highly recommended lovely DJ and nice bloke

Many DJ's use green laser lights and while these are fine for the general atmosphere they create havoc when a photographer is trying to capture beautiful timeless first dance photos.  Dave was more than happy to turn these off for the first dance and cake cutting.  Well done that man and thank you.  As the groom had told me to help myself to the buffet I also got dave a plate.  Remember DJ's look after your photographer and we will certainly look after you xx

On another note, a fellow professional photographer had the DJ from hell last night.  This DJ proceeded to set up his own lighting for the first dance to capture his own photographs.  The problem with this is his lighting will interfere with the professional photographers lighting and images.  

I have never heard of anything so bad or unprofessional.  Even after the groom had had words with this guy the DJ still proceeded with HIS lighting.  A little word of caution to brides and grooms, make sure your DJ is doing their job, not someone else's.   You have paid your photographer a lot of money to capture those all important and precious first dance images.  

Finally a word to all the wonderful DJ's we work with weekly.  Thank you for being you and doing an amazing job!!


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