Body Confidence Matters: The Ugly Truth About Magazines

September 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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Why are women so down on themselves? Why when following a recent popular facebook group did I read about a flat-chested bride who was considering surgery before her wedding?  As a double A, her partner suggested she might feel better if she had it?!?!?


OK, my mind boggled a bit at that, but then what followed shocked the living daylights out of me!!  I expected my fellow sister to be like:



"hey girl, no way, be who you are, don't alter yourself to fit a perceived norm."


"if you are really that worried, get a pair of chicken fillets or choose a dress shape that makes the most of the assets you have."  

but NO, I read comment after comment telling this lass things like,

'if it makes you feel good, do it!"  

OMG OMG OMG! What is happening to the young beautiful women of today!!!!  What has gone so wrong?  

Then today I saw this, and I though, no shit sherlock.  Don't be influenced by the advertisers, don't go under the knife to fit the norm, don't diet unless it is to make you feel healthy and happy.  Please, lovely ladies you are beautiful fat or thin, broken or bent, scared or whole, inside or out.  Believe me, I am scared as heck, but I have pretty good body confidence - sod the rest of the world I am who I am.  Your man should love you as you are too.   Oh if you don't believe me about the scars check out my all revealing blog post here.

Now if you do nothing else today check out what these magazines are doing to us.  Wedding magazines are no better and don't get me started on online wedding magazines!!!

But there is help out there.  My tips to improve your body confidence. Listed in order of least scary to MOST scary - only my opinion.

Have a make over shoot at my studio and let your inner beauty shine through 

Have a boudoir shoot - I did mine to prove I was, as I said essentially body confident

Come to my studio and BE body painted by one of my talented buddies such as Liz Barns , Omanri from Messy Make-Up or Sammi Banks

Join a wonderful local community of body painters, models, and photographers and become a work of art

or finally and what I consider probably most scary become a life model as one of my friends Sarah Lowndes, who said,  "Life modelling has improved my body confidence no end!"

So if you are interested in any of these body improving ideas please do get in touch.  I can personally recommend a makeover or a boudoir shoot and at some point,t in the future I will be joining these amazing body painters and becoming a model.  Believe me, I am no beauty, but it is all about the art and not about me!!




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