Game of Thrones Styled Bridal Shoot at Diggle House Farm

September 20, 2016  •  2 Comments

Game of Thrones Wedding InsipirationGame of Thrones Comes to Diggle House FarmA team effort in the Saddleworth Countryside to combine my love of all things fantasy fiction and weddings. I love the contrast between beautiful gown and warrior woman. After all we are all warriors!! This shoot was very much about the girl power. Even if we did let Nigel play too We all love Game of Thrones, or at least most of us do.  Whether like me, you discovered the books first, or just love the series. Visually it is superb.  I love most fantasy fiction from what I call light fiction by Tolkien, to the dark world of Brent Weeks.  

So, what better idea than a  GOT inspired wedding themed styled shoot.  To me, they go together perfectly and tick all my boxes.  I bought the dress, bought the  armour of etsy, decorated and designed a headdress type thing and begged everywhere for a sword or bow and arrow. Jeni came through with the sword.  Superb and really was needed. Found a lovely client Freya with a gorgeous white horse called Muppet and found the venue in the superb Diggle House Farm.  

My amazing team included the wonderful Shahanara and her lovely assistant Shahinat, who both amazed me with their professionalism and team-work.  I cannot recommend them enough.  My amazing fellow photographer friend Jeni Harney is studying photography at university and is my technical guru  (who said girls cant be geeks and remember us geeks are cool).  The wonderful Shaw family who gave us access to their stunning 4* self-catering cottage at Diggle House Farm.  We prepared in their smaller cottage for two called Jenny's cottage.

Shahanara stepped in at the very last hour so rather than start preparing at 3pm to 4 pm for the sunset at 7.29 pm we started just after 5 and the girls worked so fast and so hard.  

Anyway, that is the background now for the exciting stuff - we had an absolute ball!! Freya and Muppet were brill, although there were some heart stopping moments for me, as this is just a normal horse, not trained for this sort of pressure.  He did so well, as did Freya.  So without further ado,let me introduce Game of Thrones Comes to Diggle House Farm.


If you would like your own styled shoot with this amazing team please do get in touch here



Fran Shaw(non-registered)
As a HUGE Game Of Thrones and Jenny Martin Photography fan I was so gutted not to work with you on this one, I knew it was going to be FABULOUS and yeah you rocked it Jenn!! x
Sweet Sugar Sixpence(non-registered)
Argh I love this!! I am dying to make a GOT wedding cake!!
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