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Well, it is Tuesday, so that means it is the start of my "Tips and Tricks Series".  I am going to try to give you a few quick tips on a Tuesday each week.  These will be for either your wedding, your portrait or your own photography and editing.  So watch this space for regular pearls of wisdom.

Today we look at the dress.  

As I am not going to be with you when you chose your dress,I am going to focus on some dress tips for the day.  I have looked on the internet and there really isn't much advice for you lovely ladies out there.  So here is a little help for on the day itself.


Getting Ready - Your Wedding DressGetting Ready - Your Wedding DressDon't forget to display your dress for your getting ready photographs. Putting a dress on the back of the door is not the only way to do this.

  • Find some space to hang your dress out of the way, but in a light room, that isn't cluttered with nicknacks, discarded clothing or lots of furniture.


  • Ask someone to take your dress out of the bag and hang it up - I promise it won't suddenly explode and as long as it isn't near where you are having your makeup done or in a busy area, it should be perfectly safe.


  • Make sure your shoes, jewelry, and other important wedding items, are all in the same place.  Now when your photographer arrives they have everything together to capture some lovely detail shots without bothering you.


  • Ask your bridesmaids to get into their dresses before you and not with only 10 mins to spare before they are due to leave.  Once dressed your photographer will be able to spend time capturing  natural and posed images of them in their dresses.  These look a bit nicer than you all in your PJ's!!


  • Put your dress on earlier rather than at the last minute and make sure someone knows how to fasten it up properly.  It is probably a good idea for them to have had a practice beforehand, other than just watching  at the fitting. 


  • Also, make sure they know how to bustle your train for later on.  You will thank me for this I promise.


  • If you are worried about spilling something down your dress at the meal, why not buy yourself a wedding pinafore - they look great and could save you an embarrassing dribble moment.


  • My final word of wisdom is, really do not be too worried about it getting it a bit dirty!! Obviously, no red wine down the front, but dirt or even mud on the hem will not ruin your day.  Again, I promise no one will even notice.


How to lace your Wedding DressHow to lace your Wedding DressTry and make sure one of your bridesmaids has practised getting you into your dress and lacing you up


That is it for this weeks wedding hacks, so relax, enjoy and embrace the day.  


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