Getting Ready
Getting ready for your wedding is a unique part of your big day. It is full of anticipation and excitement. Even at a two photographer wedding I will be the only person to arrive at your house/venue. My aim is for you to feel comfortable and to capture all the lovely moments between you, your family and friends.

Help and Advice:
In order to make sure that we get the best possible “getting ready” photos, there are a couple of things to think about. Which I am happy to talk to you about at your consultation in Saddleworth.

The Room:
Whether you are getting ready at home or at your venue it is best to get ready in the room that has the largest windows so that we can get lots of lovely natural light. It's a busy and often hectic time but try to put someone in charge of hiding non-wedding items to ensure they don't show up in the background of your photos.

I love a mirror shot and if there is a large mirror available we will try and make use of it. Again clutter will show up in these shots. For mirror make up shots, try not to have unnecessary items around the dressing table mirror.

The Details:
Are so important and at your house I try to get images of the things that you have spend time choosing - your dress, shoes, jewellery, garter, flowers, gifts for the wedding party, anything that you want captured. Please ask someone in the bridal party to make sure these things are easily accessible so that nothing is missed.
I look for the best place to arrange each of these items. For the dress, this might be hanging on a four poster bed, a curtain rail or draped carefully over a chair. For the other items, this might be a window ledge, a chest, a freshly made bed, a wooden table, a throw or a pillow. It helps so much if the dress has already been unwrapped before I arrive. If you have any thoughts or preference as to where you would like the dress to be photographed then just let me know.

The Bridal Party:
If the bridal party aim to get ready about 20 to 30 minutes before the bride they cant then help her with her final preparations. I can then capture natural images of the final touches of make up being put on for the bride and the bridal party and their other preparations and interactions with each other.

Getting Dressed:
It is up to you how you work this. I find that many brides prefer to be partly in their dress before they call me up for any images. I do advice that should be done near a window so that we can make the most of the natural light. I will just stand back and be quiet and let things unfold naturally, this makes everyone less aware of the camera and results in more natural shots. I try to get shots of the dress being done up, close ups of the details on the dress, wide angle shots of the whole scene and the bride putting on her shoes. These are not formal shots they are photojournalistic and just simply record what happens. I have found most brides are more comfortable with me capturing those expressive moments throughout the “getting ready” process. Once the dress is on I will try to get some natural posed shots which will take around 5 or 10 minutes without everyone else in the room. A time for calm and reflection or a bit of fun, and it's so much easier to strike a pose without an audience.

The Groom and Groomsmen:
If you chose to have two photographers the beauty is that whilst one of us is with the ladies, the other can capture your groom and his men getting ready. Sometimes this will be getting ready at a house or hotel or we can meet you at the venue, or another favourite, the local pub. Wherever we meet you, there are a few things that we always try to capture; including the rings, the order of service, hats and ties being put on, cuff-links and button holes. Want to practice your catalogue pose now's the time for a bit of a giggle and some stress relieve with your friends, whether that be just waiting to see your bride-to-be, or having a celebratory beer. We will also get some shots of the groom with his proud parents and family where possible.
As with every part of your special day, relax and enjoy it and savour every moment.

Groom Waiting:
While the bride is still at her home or in the venue room I have made a quick dash to get some shots before she arrives. These will include details, people arriving and obviously the groom and his best man. At this point in the proceedings I don't know many grooms who are particularly interested in having their photos taken and I make this as quick and painless as possible. Unless of course they are up for a bit of a giggle before hand outside to either relax those nerves or pass the time and not worry about the up and coming arrival of their bride to be.

Bride Arriving:
Myself or my second photographer will be outside when you arrive and we will get some natural shots of you and your wedding party arriving. If you want some formal group shots with your bridesmaids at this moment we are happy to oblige or we can just capture things as they happen. Before you are ready to make your entrance I will say my goodbyes and nip inside to make sure I capture the moment you walk down the isle. (Also at that point on seeing me, your groom knows you are here so it's quite good for his nerves too)
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