Jenny Martin Photography | Destination Wedding Photography

Lanzarote Destination Beach WeddingBeach destination weddingEver dreamed of a beach wedding? Sun, sea and sand with a touch of barefoot bohemian loveliness. Live the dream Many couples these days opt for a destination wedding. Although this take much of the stress, cost and hassle out of the day, it is not always true for your photography. Let me explain the benefits of hiring a UK photographer in comparison with using the RP (Recommended Photographer).


  • taking your own photographer means that you will have built a relationship before you leave the UK, rather than just meeting the recommended photographer (RP) on the day of your wedding or perhaps a few days before. 


  • you will be able to set expectations and receive the same package you would if you were getting married in the UK. Many venue packages only include a small set number of prints or digitals as outlined in your contract with the venue.


  • you get to pick a photographer you like and whose work you love!  With the venues RP, you could get someone you just don't hit if off with. Is that worth the risk?


  • I am the first to admit that you may save money with the venues RP, but again is it worth it? Do you really want to take a chance with those important visual memories. Personally I wouldn't.


  • "Yes, yes Jen!" I hear you say, "but it will cost me a small fortune to hire you!" Rest assured it's not as bad as you imagine. On average a European or short haul flight will cost no more than £250 extra from my uk package. I go for the cheapest flight and accommodation combination. With the advent of Airbnb this is now much easier.


​​​​​​​So to the nitty gritty for your full day destination wedding.


PRICE: £1500 (only more if flights and accommodation are very expensive)



  • Flights and accommodation,
  • pre wedding shoot on location with you and your partner
  • full wedding day coverage 
  • post wedding day and intimate shoot with you a your loved ones.  (not the whole wedding party)

So my question is What are you waiting for, book today and we can have a chat about your plans and we can get very excited about your journey.