Jenny Martin Photography | Event Photography Price Guide

Event photography - Paparazzi and Photobooth

Having a photographer covering your event these days really creates a buzz and ensures that quality images are captured.  Events are low light situations and with the best will in the world your i-phones and basic shooters just wont do them justice. 

We offer two types of event photography :

Free event photography and  Prepaid event photography

  • Free event photography refers to events such as black tie and sporting events, where the guests will have their photos taken and pay to buy printed images on the evening so we attend your event for free.
  • Prepaid event photography is all paid for in advance and suits peoples parties, proms and celebrations where they want to add an experience for their guests which is already all paid for.
Types of Event Photography
Sporting Event with Frank BrunoFree Event PhotographyWe can shoot, print and distribute your photos all on the same eventing Pre-paid party event photographyPrepaid Event Photography -An example of our lighting at a pre-paid Halloween party.