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It can't be denied that weddings are expensive and these days  many couples really don't need more "stuff".  Also I have noticed an increase in people opting for CD only wedding packages, not through real choice, but because they understand the importance of hiring a good photographer, but are looking for ways to save money.  This is such a shame, as in many cases most of their images will sit on a hard drive for years.  With this in mind I am introducing the all new wedding album gift voucher with a twist. 

You can help your couple afford the beautiful album they deserve, but might otherwise be without. When they show off their prize album to you, you will be in the lovely position of knowing that that you helped them afford it.  But that's not all and here's the twist. 

Not only do you help them fulfil their dreams, but you will also receive a  FREE, downloadable image of your choice from the day for each twenty five pounds worth of gift vouchers aquiered.  That is my gift to you to say thank you for helping them.

Vouchers come in values of £25, £50, £75 and £100.  View and order your voucher below, go on make some ones day!